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  • We have experiences with a rail transport in many different countries, especially from Central Europe to the Balkans, Western Europe, and also transportation in countries of V4. We know how to ensure shipment in single wagon, in wagon groups and block train as well. If your request includes tranship or overdraft, we can easily help with this service.

    We are mostly focused on transportation in private wagons, but if your request is different, we can also talk about another options.

  • If you are interested in truck transport, we will be able to provide you with full transport to your destinations, also as partial transport (pallets / goods). Also full ADR transport, comprehensive solution for oversize cargo, bulk transport and intermodal transport.

    At the beginning of our potential collaboration, you ask for price offer. We consider the best price, a quality carrier whose experience and access is a guarantee of successful and fast transportation. Our cooperation with domestic and foreign carriers ensures that we find the best solution for you.