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With us means for you

About us

  • We are a trading – forwarding company that is building a strong name on the market with our approach and prompt responses. Our work is the result of many years of experience in the field of  trade and forwarding. We always provide our customers with the motto "With us means for you".

    With our contacts, experiences and prompt responses in different and exceptional situations, we can provide service that will be the result of your satisfaction. We offer transportation of goods, storage and new business opportunities to our current and also potential clients. We approach each client individually and we also offer a logistic solution that suits the client most.

  • An important part of our work is a continuous flow of information about the current situation that is happening in your business case. We think, that is very important and urgent to inform you of the facts that have arisen first of all to you, our client. We also think, that very important is dialogue, and therefore we promptly approve your requirements, reminders and market developments.

    References about our company from other companies are contained not only in the metallurgical, chemical or mining industrie, but also in agro-commodities and timber trade.

    Drana s.r.o. as a team of people has the language skills of English, Hungarian and Polish languages, therefore fast and seamless communication is also one of our priorities.